The osteopathic treatment

The aim of the treatment

Therefore the treatment will be individual for every patient. Osteopaths believe that a durable modification in the tissue can only be achieved when it has enough time to react on its own. By proceeding patiently and gently the tissue has an optimal chance to refind its lost balance during the treatment or on the following days.

If there is a loss of healthy balance caused by physical (accident, posture, permanently repeating movements, environment etc.), psychological (relation in the family, the job, with his own), sanitary (improper alimentation, lack of sportive activity, dependencies etc.) influences, individual troubles can be developed.

These troubles will be diagnosed and treated.

The cause fo the troubles will be discussed in order to rectify it with the help of the osteopath, p.e. a wrong posture or the course of motions.

The first osteopathic session

After a detailed survey of the medical history (anamnesis), a diagnosis and treatment only with hands are following. To find the cause of the troubles, the osteopath examines and treats the body after the following aspects:

  • the parietal system: the musculoskeletal system (vertebral column, articulations, muscles, tendons, fascia)
  • the visceral system: the inner organs (stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, heart, lungs, uterus etc.)
  • the craniosacral system (neural system)

By varying the pressure of his hands the osteopath can respond to the tissue layer after layer. By his "listening" he feels restraint mobility of tissues, ligaments and organs. The treatment is generally gentle, but in some cases precise manipulation techniques may be applied to dissolve persistent blockades always respecting the tissues, the age of the ligaments and bones, their condition and the comprehension of the patient.

If you dispose of current laboratory examinations, radiograms or MRT images that may be relevant for the cause of your consultation, please take them with you.

The first session lasts about 45 to 60 minutes.

After the anamnesis and the examination the first treatment is following in the same session

The following osteopathic treatments

At the beginning of each treatment there will be a new anamnesis and examination in order to revalue the changes and the progress of the treatment. Continuative measures like alimentation or specific exercises are, if necessary, discussed.

The number of necessary treatments is different for each patient, mostly three treatments are sufficient. After four treatments an obvious improvement of the affliction should be noticed. Chronic afflictions can require a longer period of treatment.

The intervals between the treatments are two to three weeks. Hebdomadal treatments can be arranged individually by your osteopath depending on the cause of illness.

A healing promise cannot be given.

The costs of treatment are generally reimbursed by private insurances and by complementary insurances (if they take on charge the costs for "Heilpraktiker"). Since a short time some statutary health insurances are as well taking on charge the costs for osteopathic treatments.

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